Survey content 

Each survey in the series includes core topics covering questions on general health and longstanding illness, key lifestyle behaviours that influence health, and social care; and measurements such as blood pressure, body measurements, and analysis of blood and saliva samples.

As well as the core modules we also ask questions on specific issues that vary from year to year. In 2016 these issues included physical activity in adults, kidney and liver disease, and well-being and mental health.

Findings from HSE 2016 have been published as six topic reports, each with supporting tables:

  • Adult overweight and obesity
  • Physical activity in adults
  • Well-being and mental health
  • Social care for older adults
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Kidney and liver disease

In addition, two reports focus on trends in key areas:

  • Adult health
  • Children’s health

Survey participants

All years of the survey have covered the adult population aged 16 and over living in private households in England. Since 1995, the surveys have also included children aged 2 to 15 and since 2001, infants aged under 2.

In 2016 interviews were conducted with 8,011 adults aged 16 and over, and 2,056 children aged 0 to 15.

5,049 adults and 1,117 children had a nurse visit.

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