Chronic kidney disease

  •  Among all adults, 2% reported having a chronic kidney disease as diagnosed by a doctor.
  •  Using eGFR levels and urinary albumin, 15% of adults aged 35 and over had any chronic kidney disease stage (stage 1 to 5), and 7% had the most severe stages (stage 3 to 5).
  • The prevalence and severity of abnormal kidney function and disease increased among older adults. Among adults aged 75 and over:

o   Two in five (39%) had abnormal kidney function (as measured by eGFR levels).

o   One in four (25%) had abnormal albuminuria levels. 

o   34% had chronic kidney disease (levels 3 to 5).  

Liver disease

  • Among all adults, 1% reported having doctor-diagnosed chronic liver disease. The prevalence was highest among those aged 55 to 64 (3%) and in the most deprived areas (2%).
  • Raised levels of AST or ALT (more than 1.5 times the upper limit of normal) may be an indicator of liver damage. 1% of adults had raised levels of AST, and 3% had raised ALT. A raised level of ALT was more prevalent among men (4%) than women (2%). 

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